Sensory Iconoclasts

Sensory Iconoclasts was an awesome opportunity for me to explore my passion for story telling and creative directing. If you don't know what Sensory is then let me briefly explain. In the Sensory Iconoclasts show an artist and a chef are paired together to collaborate on the creation of a delicious food or drink and a piece of art that can be created in many different mediums. I was chosen based on my background in the animation industry. From this collaboration a short film called Beet-a-peno was created.


Tammy Varney of Revolution Cake Starters & Craveables and I were paired together and we wanted to make something very unique in the food world. We thought really hard about two ingredients that you would not imagine being paired together much less in a dessert. Hince, the beet and the jalapeno. Tammy created an amazing desert that consisted of chocolate cake, beet mouse, beet strings, candied jalapeno, and a jalapeno jelly. It was amazing. I created this short story of a beet and a jalepeno and the brief encounter before they become ingredients that create a beautiful tasty desert. Thank you to Amy Richter for some amazing beet animation and to Dwight Chalmers for amazing sound design.