an Artist

I’m an Artist. It’s funny that I get a weird almost anxious feeling just writing that sentence. I am an Artist. That probably means I need to write it over and over again. I’m an Artist. Lets take the feeling out of the equation and all the things I think an Artist should be and look and my history. Just to spell it out in my face to maybe convince myself that I actually am. I’m not sure why I hold such respect for the word and/or the idea of what it means to be “an Artist”. For some reason that concept to me holds so much weight and I don’t even know why. Back to what I was saying. Let me talk about my history, to myself and to whoever wants to listen.

The piece below is a digital painting done for my sister who has a small suite in a salon and wanted something on the wall. She wanted an octopus to be incorporated in the painting in some way.